Brian the Brain

Written by Dr Louise Mansell & Samuel Mansell, and illustrated by Jackson Dean

Brian is a loveable brain, who changes colour depending in how he feels. Find out what happens when he races his go-cart, drops a pancake on his head, and accidentally farts when he’s nervous.

This books draws upon neuroscience and our brain’s emotional and behavioural systems. Brian’s colour changes as a way of illustrating these systems in a fun and accessible way!

Prof Paul Gilbert. PhD, FBPsS, OBE, Compassionate Mind Foundation:

For most of us older folks, we were never taught about how our minds work can be difficult to understand or work with. This is gradually changing and we recognise it is vital that we help children understand their minds and how they can begin to cultivate them in ways that promote well being to themselves and others. This beautifully illustrated book on the nature of different types of emotion is a wonderful contribution to that effort

Samuel Mansell, Author:

“I wanted to write the book with my mum as I thought it would be nice to write a book. I think everyone should know about the brain, so they know what is happening for people, and then they can help. I wanted it to be funny too, so people would like it. I hope you do too.”

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The idea of Brian the Brain was a homeschooling project during the 2020 lockdown, whilst Louise and Samuel were producing the Science of Emotions show in YouTube:

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